Best uses of AI and machine learning in business

How enterprises are using AI technology to improve current practices and find new revenue streams

The increasing availability of affordable and flexible computing power is making AI and machine learning accessible to many businesses, which are using the technology in a wide variety of ways.

Here’s our pick of the some of the best enterprise uses of machine learning and AI.


  • Sky has been building machine learning models that can make personalised recommendations based on a viewer’s mood at the time by matching their state of mind to genres and content tags.

The Wall Street Journal

  • The Wall Street Journal has been using machine learning to adjust the price of its paywall for different readers based on the probability of them subscribing.


  • Tinder is using the deep learning-powered Amazon Web Services (AWS) Rekognition service to find the best matches for premium users of the dating app.


  • Ocado has announced what it says is the world’s first AI-based fraud detection system for online grocery purchases.The system identifies orders that are delivered but not paid for and determines whether it is the result of malicious intent by analysing data from past orders.

Virgin Holidays

  • Tour operator Virgin Holidays is using AI-powered software from UK startup Phrasee to automate and optimise the writing of its marketing email subject lines, with the machines outperforming humans by up to 10 percent when it comes to all-important open rates.

The Zoological Society of London

  • The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) is using Google’s new Cloud AutoML platform to track wildlife by automatically analysing images captured by cameras in the wild.


  • Tesco is using machine learning algorithms across its business, from internal applications such as driver routing, to customer facing apps like integration with Google’s home assistant device.

EDF Energy

  • EDF Energy is looking to use AI to help make its nuclear power station’s more efficient and to reduce customer’s home energy consumption. On the customer-facing side, EDF has been testing AI to perform character recognition to pick out and process the figures on meter readings sent in by energy customers.


  • Financial data specialist Bloomberg employs hundreds of data scientists to keep users hooked on its ubiquitous Terminals – the keyboards and monitors that give financial staff access to reams of market information.

Source: ComputerWorldUK