The most in-demand IT skills in the UK

The IT labour market continues to boom, but the growing demand has left many employers struggling to fill vacancies. In the fast-changing technology sector, popular skills quickly can become outdated as new ones emerge to replace them, and the developments often leave a shortage of sufficiently qualified staff.

Whether you’re an established IT professional or an aspiring one, the pressure to keep up with emerging tech and the growing demand for certain skills seems relentless.

Computerworld UK reviewed the latest reports to find out which skill sets are most in demand for enterprise IT professionals right now.

Last year saw a rise in devops skills and open source frameworks, and while the top few skills – both in demand and the fastest growing – remained largely the same this year, some pretty exciting changes have been taking place lower down the list.

Here are the key skills to keep an eye on as you continue to develop your IT career.

  • Devops
  • Kubernetes
  • Big data analytics
  • AWS
  • Cyber Security
  • AI
  • Python