Why should you use an IT recruitment agency?

For a long time, employers only used recruitment agencies as a last resort, if they’d run out of time or failed to find the right person for a job. This is no longer the case, with many large organisations turning to specialist recruitment agencies as a go-to method of employment – some even partner up with agencies. So, what caused this seismic change in opinion and what are the advantages of using a dedicated recruiter, in IT specifically?


Specialist knowledge

Recruitment is not a one-size-fits-all industry and many organisations have made the mistake of using a general recruiter to fill incredibly specialised roles. IT Recruitment Consultants, for example, know exactly what precise skills, experiences and qualities to look for in very specific roles such as Data Architect or Cyber Security Expert. This is a particular advantage to organisations such as large retail groups or NGOs, in which IT isn’t their core service offering, yet complex IT infrastructure is a cornerstone of their operation. Such organisations might not know precisely what qualities they are looking for in an applicant but would be able to brief a dedicated IT recruitment agency on the tasks, roles and services they expect from one.


Access to the best

Since IT Recruitment Consultants are experts in finding the right people for a job, they retain access to their industry’s very best individuals. By whittling down thousands of CVs received each day and by staying in touch with promising applicants who didn’t make the cut for a particular role, agencies have built up databases of skilled candidates. This means they’re not only more likely to find the right person for a job listing, but they are also able to do so faster.


Cast a broader net

Organisations that deal with their own recruitment tend to end up recruiting locally, even when vacancies are posted on national and international job boards. By contrast, agencies can identify individuals from further afield who would be a better fit for an organisation. What’s more, they are especially adept at convincing applicants that relocating would be the right move for them for the right fit.


Time is money

One unavoidable fact is that recruiting takes time. From writing job descriptions to arranging interviews, it’s can be an arduous process. But because this is the only thing that recruitment agents do, they’re much more efficient at it, streamlining the process, leaving a client’s HR department to get on with other aspects of their job.

Perhaps the most time-consuming aspect of recruitment is the interview process. Few people want to take days out from their already busy schedules to interview dozens of applicants. A major benefit of specialist IT recruiters is that they can shortlist applicants by carrying out initial interviews on your behalf. This means the only applicants you’ll need to see personally will be the absolute cream of the crop.


Salary consulting

Many organisations don’t know the true value of their talent. They can end up dramatically overpaying external applicants, or advertising jobs with a salary so low that they’ll never attract applicants of the required calibre. Since recruitment agencies look at hundreds of postings every day, they know exactly what the industry average for any given role is and can also factor in other variables such as location. This puts Recruitment Consultants in a unique position to barter salary expectations with applicants, so organisations will always end up paying a fair and competitive salary to their newest recruits.


Expert advertisement

So many organisations end up spending unnecessary money (and wasting time) advertising for jobs in the wrong places.

The IT industry is thriving and there’s no shortage of talented individuals but if you’re not looking in the right places, you’ll never find the right individual. IT Recruitment Consultants know all the ins and outs of advertisements and will only advertise your vacancy in the places their experience tells them will secure interviews.

There are a great many benefits to using a specialist recruitment agency, from saving time to simply finding better applicants. If you’d like to know more, please contact us here: contact@gazellegc.com